Optical Chopper / 扇形光學遮斷器

The MC1000A optical chopper features microprocessor control and a crystal stabilized
phase-locked loop motor control for ultimate chopping stability and drift free performance.
The standard 10-slot (36°) chopper blade is capable of chopping from 25Hz to 1kHz.
Optional blades extend the chopping frequency range.
The external reference input allows the MC1000A to precisely lock in phase and frequency
to an external reference signal such as lock-in amplifiers and multiple chopper configurations.
By setting the easy-to-use controls, the MC1000A can be programmed to chop at a harmonic
or sub-harmonic of the reference signal. An optional 2-frequency blade with 7 outer slots and
5 inner slots allows the MC1000A to be used in pump-probe and other nonlinear experiments.
The sum and difference reference frequencies are provided for use with lock-in amplifiers.
Multiple configurations can be easily saved and recalled from non-volatile RAM for quick setups.
An RS-232 serial interface allows all of the MC1000A features to be controlled remotely.

MC1000A Features
* 25Hz to 1kHz (6kHz with MC1F60 Blade) Chopping with One Blade
* Crystal Stabilized Phase-Lock Loop for Low Drift
* Low Phase Jitter 0.2° RMS at 1kHz, 10 Slot Blade
* 2-Frequency Blades Available for Pump- Probe & Other Non-Linear Experiments
* Phase & Frequency Lock on External Reference
* Harmonic and Sub-Harmonic Chopping with Sum & Difference Reference Outputs
* Microprocessor Controlled
* Low Frequency Drift <100ppm (parts per million)
* Save & Recall User Setups in Non-Volatile RAM
* RS-232 Interface Standard Feature
* CE Certified

MC1000A 扇形光學遮斷器是微控制器和晶體項位穩定性馬達來控制遮斷穩定性.
標準 10-slot (36°) 遮斷扇的遮斷頻率由25Hz 至 1kHz.
外部參考輸入讓 MC1000A 精準地抓住頻率與外界輸入同, 如鎖相放大器.
具易使用設定,MC1000A可以程控與訊號源的頻率倍數同步. 可選購 2-頻段扇葉 7 槽 5 內槽讓 MC1000A 可做激發-偵測實驗和非線性實驗. 可提供給鎖相放大器 與參考訊號的和或差.
多種架構可由 RAM輕易儲存載入來快速設定.
RS-232 介面讓MC1000A可遙控特性.

MC1000A 特性
* 25Hz 至 1kHz (與MC1F60 扇葉時為6kHz ) 由單一扇葉遮斷
* 由晶體穩定相位頻率作回饋
* 低相位飄移 0.2° RMS 於 1kHz, 10Slot 扇葉
* 2-頻扇葉 可做激發-偵測實驗和非線性實驗
* 由外部參考光做相位 & 頻率穩定 
* 整數被遮斷頻率及與參考訊號的和或差.
* 微處理器控制
* 低頻率飄移 <100ppm 
* 可由 RAM輕易儲存載入.
* RS-232 界面
* CE 認證
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