YAG Focal Spot Analyzer / YAG 聚焦點分析儀

* Image focal spots down to 25μm in size
* For laser powers up to 400W (additional external ND filters required)
* Measure how focal distance shifts with power
* Can measure systems with focal length as short as 50mm
* Modular design allows flexibility in use
* C-mount, compact laser beam sampler/attenuator for camera based laser beam profiling systems
* High damage threshold optics for measuring energetic sources
* Produces undistorted sample of laser under test
* Adjustable attenuation maximizes system dynamic range
* Up to 1 x 10-10 attenuation available (without external filters)

Measure the focal spot of a relatively high power laser, in particular a YAG laser. The average power
can be from <1 to 400 Watts and the focal spot can be as small as 25μm. The FSA can also
be used to measure how the focal spot shifts with power.
The lasers focal length from the lens to the focal spot is usually on the order of 70 to 120mm.
The YAG FSA assembly adds a negative lens to the LBS-300 beam splitter assembly to increase
the focal path and at the same time enlarge the image. Several focal length lenses are available
to accommodate different host system focal paths. The FSA includes; user selectable negative lens,
2 beam splitters, a removable beam block on the 2nd splitter, and user selectable attenuation filters
prior to the beam entering the camera. An excel spreadsheet is downloadable from our website that
calculates which lenses are available to use for your application, how far to mount the FSA from
your focusing lens in order to see the focal spot and what the magnification of the image will be.

The FSA is mounted to the camera as shown. Then the assembly is placed below the final focusing
lens of the laser at the recommended distance. The focal spot is found by moving the assembly close
r and farther from the beam until the smallest spot size is seen.
The exact magnification factor (usually 2-3 times) is calculated by moving the stage holding
the FSA assembly a given lateral distance and seeing how far the centroid of the focal spot moves
in the beam profiling software. This scaling factor is then entered into the software. In order to find
focal spot shift with laser power, simply find focal spot at one power, change the power and measure
how far the stage has to be moved up or down to get to the smallest beam size again.



* 影像焦點可小至 25μm
* 雷射功率可高至 400W (額外需外加 ND 濾片)
* 量測焦距隨功率的變化
* 可量測系統之焦距短至 50mm
* 模組設計可彈性化使用
* C-mount, 輕巧雷射樣品架/具光型量測系統的CCD衰減器
* 量測能量具高臨界損壞值
* 生產待測雷射無法損壞之樣品
* 可調之衰減片讓系統損壞臨界值增高
* 提供最大到 1 x 10-10 衰減率 (不含外加濾片)

量測高功率雷射的焦點, 特別是YAG 雷射. 平均功率可由 <1 400 Watts 而焦點可小至 25μm. FSA 可用在量測焦距隨功率的變化. 由透鏡到焦點的焦距通常為70 120mm. YAG FSA 組合增加負透鏡於 LBS-300 分光器來增加聚焦路徑和增大成像. 提供數種焦距的透鏡來試用不同系統. FSA; 使用者選擇之負透鏡, 2 個分光器, 於第二分光鏡有使用者可移除之光阻隔器,在光打入CCD前有使用者可選擇之衰減片. 可由我們網站下載額外資料格式來計算何種透鏡適用, FSA 要鎖在離聚焦鏡多遠處來觀察聚焦點和 成像之放大率.


FSA 如圖鎖在CCD. 然後架構在雷射最後方聚焦鏡建議距離處. 可由移動組件直到最小光點處即為聚焦點位置 . 實際放大率 (通常 2-3 ) 是由移動架設FSA 組件固定距離來計算並由模擬軟體來觀察焦點的移動. 實際倍數校正由軟體控制. 雷射焦點隨功率的變化是在某功率下量焦點大小, 再改變功率量測最小光束處.

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